carkovany okraj

Malacca is not a game of chance! The following strategy tips will help you in your first games before you devise your own game strategy and tactics.

Betting - when and how much?

You can only make profit from a wager when you successfully play trade. By trading you can double or even triple (if you play “Trade x2” special card) your wager in silver coins in a single round. But beware! Big wager can tell your opponents that you played trade. Hence they can attack the ship and take your wager.

Importance of ship’s cargo

Ships have different cargo value - from 3 to 13 silver coins. This cargo will be divided between attackers in case their attack is successful. Therefore, it’s better to attack ships with higher cargo value. But beware of other players, who can count on this principle and defend the ship against attackers.

carkovany okraj