carkovany okraj

The Port of Malacca, also known as The Pearl of the Eastern Seas, is a daily destination for many traders from all over the world. The local markets, shrouded in the intoxicating aroma of exotic spices, brim with gold, silver, diamonds and precious fabric, as vicious pirates, cutthroats and smugglers gather in the port’s taverns. You sail into the treacherous waters of Malacca, a captain of your own ship, with one goal - to amass as much fortune as possible. Will you choose a path of a trader, a defender or a pirate?

Malacca is a dynamic pirate card game from Loris Games. Malacca is a treat for every pirate enthusiast and challenge for every player who likes to wager and risk. Nothing is left to chance, so prove that you can outwit the others!

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Updated and revised version of the game rules (version 2.0) is available here. 


carkovany okraj