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Malacca is based on estimating other players’ strategy and choosing the right play and wager. Everybody has the same chance to win. You can best your opponents by estimating their strategy and utilising it for your own purposes.

Trade vessels sail through the Straits of Malacca. Players are ship captains, who can trade with these vessels, attack them or defend them from pirates. Every vessel holds cargo which is a temptation for potential pirates. You can also make a fortune by peacefully trading with these vessels, as long as they are not looted by others. Moreover, the Governor of Malacca offers you special priviledges if you choose to defend the vessels against pirates. The money you earn can be spent on new powerful equipment which is available on the local market. You can play as one of the famous captains of history - Henry Morgan, Pierre Le Picard, Sayyida al Hurra and more. Also, you can buy variety of useful items on the market.

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2-8 hráčů, 30 minut

Designers: Loris Games

Year Published: 2013

Number of Players: 2-8

Suggested Ages: 9-99

Playing Time: 20-30 minut

Game Format: card game with tokens

Game Mechanics: opponent’s strategy estimation, betting, bluffing


carkovany okraj